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This blog has been a long time coming.

I’ve been wanting to start blogging for a while, but I spent the last five years working for a company with rather draconian social media policies1.

At the turn of the year, I quit that job and embarked on a new career. I feel more at liberty now to voice my opinions publicly. So I started to plan: what should I write about? Should I focus on one topic? Should I launch multiple blogs on different subjects that interest me? Should the site be dynamic or static? Where should I host it? Can I monetize this? Should I try to monetize this? I don’t like ads, but what about affiliate links? Memberships? What should the design look like? Do I want lots of images or mostly text?

Good god. I was overthinking this, and I was paralyzed before I had even written a single word.

Fuck that.

Today, I’m launching simplicissimax.com as a simple blog, statically generated by Hugo, using a minimalist theme (the header image is one of my favourite buildings in Tokyo). I’ll write about anything I find worth writing about and worry about organizing stuff later. Most posts will probably be related to technology, programming and/or minimalism/intentional living in some way. I trust many decisions will come naturally as I write more and I find my voice. I have chosen not to enable comments on articles, but I appreciate responses, constructive feedback and intelligent discussion via Twitter.

This is how it begins. It will likely change. Feel free to follow along!

Welcome :-)

  1. The first rule of Fruit Club is: You do not talk about Fruit Club. ↩︎